A note from our CEO.

Hi, Andrew McCollum here, CEO of Philo. I wanted to let you know about an upcoming change to Philo and explain some of the thinking behind it. Starting May 6, we will move to only offering our $20 package to new subscribers. If you’re a current subscriber or subscribe before that date, then nothing will change—you’ll continue to have the same package and price options you have today.

At Philo, we care deeply about creating the best TV experience possible at an affordable price. Since we launched 18 months ago, most of the other companies in our space have raised their prices, in some cases multiple times. We didn’t want to do that. Still, when we looked at all of the costs of operating Philo—which increase over time—consolidating into a single $20 package was the best way for us to maintain the same offering we have today without raising prices for everyone, or having to cut back in places we strive to excel, like our customer support.

Again, nothing is changing for anyone who has already subscribed by May 6—you will keep the package you have and will continue to be able to switch between our two existing packages. On behalf of the team at Philo, I want to thank you for choosing to watch with us.

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Andrew McCollum